2020 Dive Travel Awards Complete List

At the bow you’ll find the giant port facet anchor nonetheless up. In the stern section the large propeller and rudder are price visiting as properly. Probably as a result of some improperly mooring of diving boats the stern mast is broken down.
Having just lately dived within the Red Sea, on a stay-aboard sailing out of the port of Hurghada; I actually have returned with a number of useful tricks to get the most out of a diving vacation on the Red Sea. If Ras Mohammed is the most spectacular diving space near Sharm El Sheikh then Shark and Yolanda reefs are its prized diving spots. This dive is greatest done as a drift dive ranging from Shark Reef and persevering with to Yolanda Reef. These are 2 twin mountain-like peaks rising up from a sandy sea bed that’s unfold out deep beneath the floor.
Every possible fish species of Sharm El Sheikh is found right here, including hammerheads, gigantic tuna and a menagerie of other pelagics. An ever current faculty of barracuda and snappers are residents and it’s an excellent place for scuba divers to see Napoleon wrasse. British normal bogs, bath tubs and pipe tubes stay on and eternally as a part of the shallow reef to a depth from m. Here are literally 1000’s of jackfish, batfish, all kinds of sting rays and giant moray eels. Featuring a large sandy plateau with depths from 5 m to 30 meters and barely currents, our house reef provides the proper setting to conduct course, expertise and pleasure dives for divers of all levels.
As there is no reef as a reference, the divers need to descend along a mooring line to achieve the deck in 25m. The marine life that can be observed over there is wonderful. Thousands of glass fish on the deck and around the bridge, amongst which large shoals of jacks, snappers and tuna could be spotted. Big groupers and large lion fish have settled within the bow and stern section. The deck is still fairly intact, it is easy to explore its deckhouses and swim up the ladders resulting in the bridge.

Diving History

    Meanwhile, the funnel is fallen to the port aspect; it bears a large “M” on it, the emblem of the transport company Moller. Abu Nuhas graveyard is an array of about 5 shipwrecks scattered intently on the seafloor. What is most attention-grabbing is that each one wrecks are totally different kinds of ships and come from utterly totally different intervals in time.
    It’s the best spot for our qualified divers who haven’t dived shortly to ease themselves gently back into the water in preparation for reef dives additional afield. Our home reef can be a popular choice for the friends who fancy a dive that doesn’t contain boats or travel instances to other sites.
    In 1941 on its approach to Alexandria the Rosalie Moller, loaded with coal, was at anchor between the islands Gubal and Queisum when it was attacked by German bombers. It was only a few days after the sinking of the Thistlegorm, when 2 bombs hit the vessel and ripped an enormous gap within the maintain on the starboard facet. Now the 110m lengthy wreck is standing upright, as if “parked”, on the sand in about 50m depth.

    Seawolf Diving Safari

    Unfortunately as a result of depth and generally reduced visibility these wrecks are suggested for more skilled divers. diving hurghada experience Current isn’t normally a consideration right here, however if it is working it is prone to run from the north in direction of the south. Off the north east aspect of the reef is a separate erg, which is roofed in orange hearth coral and huge shoals of yellow snapper usually congregate right here.

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